Language / The background

Letting go of language

Intrusive thoughts can come in the form of images. But for people suffering from a crisis of meaning, such thoughts often come in the form of words, sentences and questions: ‘What’s the point of it all?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is the meaning of my life?’

For many, there will be a tendency to try to rationalize and respond to these thoughts with, guess what? More words and more thoughts!

But in doing so, it seems we never hit upon that magic thought that answers our questions and allays our fears completely. More likely, we get into a vicious cycle that leaves us feeling increasingly anxious and frustrated.

It must be said that words and language do play a part in our search, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog. After all, this blog is just words too!

Words can help us share ideas and thoughts – some of which can be extremely helpful in the battle against meaninglessness.

But we shouldn’t expect language to be able to answer our questions completely.
Both in terms of defining meaning, and also in terms of answering the questions that a crisis of meaning brings, language will always fall short.

Let’s face it. If the meaning of life could be summed up in words, don’t you think someone would have done so eons ago? It would be the most comprehensively copy writed or patented slogan ever to come into existence.

But it can’t, and it will never be. So, rather than relying solely on words to answer your questions, try sharpening your perceptions and tuning into meaning in other ways.

In this blog I intend to discuss a whole array of non-verbal ways in which one might find meaning – food, music, relationships, creativity, exercise and connecting with the natural world, as well as many, many others.

Ask yourself, what are the non-verbal ways in which I find meaning in life? As a sense of meaning gradually filters into your life, which it will, you may find it surprising how many non-verbal aspects of your life there are that make it meaningful.

I’d like to finish with a quote I found on the internet. I don’t know who the author is so cannot credit them for this quote, but I think it sums up beautifully what this post is about.

“To bring meaning to your life, you must be able to perceive it without language. The fragility of language will undermine your search.”

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